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  • To work on their cognitive, motor and social skills through speech, art and play therapies.
  • Case Management / counselling


Our Advocacies

Human Resource Development

Torch Foundation believes in having skilled, competent and committed staff. It is vital for each member  of the foundation to be continuously developed professionally and personally. Read more

Special Needs Development Centre Care/Care Centre/Student

In Torch Foundation’s Special Needs Development Centre, we aim to provide care and the platform for special needs children to be equipped with self help skills that will improve their independency. The centre will boosts home related facilities with a customised curriculum that allow support in the development of motor skills. It will also include the needed facilities to ensure education for the special needs children are kept at the optimum. Read more.

Scholarship Development

Knowledge is the key point for one’s positive future. Torch Foundation’s Scholarship Development Office main aims  to help low income families relieve the financial burden of acquiring knowledge. Read more.

Infrastructure & Community Development

At times, families that are living with senior citizens may need special requirement at home, such as railings for them to hold on to in the toilet and walk ways in the house or even rams  that can help them to go in and out of the house using their wheelchair. Some families do not have a proper study area or even sleeping area for the children which will affect the overall academic performance. Read more.

Research & Development

To maintain relevant and updated R&D is very essential. We want to make sure what we are doing is what is needed for the community and we will keep on doing research to make sure the Torch will always be on fire to serve the community. Read more.

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